Dear friends! We have opened a new station on the hotel Le Meridian Dahab Resort.

DahabExtremeclub 2 (hotel Le Meridian Dahab Resort).

Our station DahabExtremeClub 1 (hotel Ibis Styles Lagoon Dahab).

Hello, everybody!!!

Information about us you can read below. Now we'd like to share with our main great news! In spite of the complicated circumstances that take place on Sinai we've got new 2013 collection of Fanatic boards! We'd like to thank everybody who believed in us and came to windsurf in the fall. We appreciate your attitude and we are assured that you're our good friends. Thank you that you didn't leave, that you stayed and used the equipment we had))). Now we have much more different windsurf equipment for you to use. If you haven't visited us yet, come and you'll enjoy. Don't wait too long to come to us, so you have the chance to be the first to ride our new boards. There is only one picture here. The rest pictures you may see in our gallery on our web site.
We're looking forward for all of you to come! Windsurfers beginners, advanced, professionals, non-windsurfers, wives and husbands, kids and friends are always welcome!


The expansion of the Franko Wakeboard School -- http://www.facebook.com/Francodahab -- led us to an idea of establishing the Dahab Extreme Club that will unite all types of modern extreme hobbies.

We are not professional sportsmen. We are adventure-seekers!

Dahab is one of the few places on earth where different sports can be combined including those that may seem to be incompatible. A lagoon inaccessible by waves and rapid and sustained wind facilitate yachting, and during the time when the wind abates we suggest that you would go in for wakeboarding. The Dahab Extreme Club offers you high-powered motorboats, excellent wakeboards and experienced instructors and coaches. Exactly the coaches! Because we can teach you not only the basics of wakeboarding but we also train you so that you will be able to participate in competitions of any level. This is not just words. The history of the Dahab Extreme Club began its logical development from the famous Franko WaterSport team whose sportsmen were the prize winners of the Cup of Egypt in 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Mediterranean Sea Cup in Lebanon in 2011 and play for the national team of Egypt participating in the world level competitions. The motorboats of our team supported the Russian Wave competition held in the vicinity of Hurghada. Our conditions were appreciated by the wakeboarding experts from Italy and England. The Italian pro riders Roberto Ganielli and Andrea Mantika trained and spent their leisure time at our facilities. The words of the Englishmen Dan Jordan “It`s cool!” is the best compliment to the team and the venue.

The sporting achievements of our alumni and renowned guests must not confuse you; our instructor will carefully and skillfully teach you the first wakeboarding steps. There is no language barrier. Under their guidance you will get confidence in your abilities, the pleasure of sliding on the water and your body control. And then, a world of unlimited opportunities of speed, drive and power will open to you: turns, maneuvers, somersaults, group wakeboarding, jumps, etc.


Many windsurfers and kitesurfers find harbor with us during the time of calm sea that occurs more often in recent years. The wakeboarding skills that you obtain in our club will enable you to get an adrenaline rush wherever you may be, either in Strogino or in Pirogovka, in the Volga or the Dnepr Rivers, anywhere among the birches of the midland. All this is good in summer; and in September, you are welcome to us. And even in summer it is more comfortable with us too. 

You are welcome all year round at the beach of the Ibis Styles Dahab Hotel (formerly Corallia) in Dahab!

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