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Concise and meaningful information on issues related to equipment, rules of conduct on the water, safety, and the basics of windsurfing contains the brochure [PDF 3,7 MB].

Safety rules on the water with windsurfing 

  1. Not windsurfing drunk. 
  2. Do not jump into the water immediately after the plane, relax after the flight, get used to the heat and sun. 
  3. Protect yourself from the sun. Cream 50 you will not hurt. Wear a hat, bandana, and a better helmet. It will help you to protect yourself from the sun hits and striking equipment. 
  4. Wear a lifejacket. 
  5. Wear sports shoes. You can easily damage the legs of corals or stepped on urchins. 
  6. Protect yourself from hypothermia. With a long presence in the water, even if it initially seems you warm, the body loses a lot of energy. Protect the body from hypothermia will help wetsuit. 
  7. At the first sign of fatigue, go back to the beach and relax, have a drink. Sea takes a lot of energy, and the sun in Egypt active. Drink water before you want to drink. 
  8. Pay close attention to the situation around you, the mast is quite long and can frighten or cause harm to others. Behave reasonably close to the beach. 
  9. Follow all instructions of the instructor. Assess your strength and do not tempt fate. Try to be in sight of the station staff. On the shore there is a constant watch over you in the sea, but if you know that you will not be in the field of view from the shore, ask the radio (walkie-talkie). 
  10. If you have broken equipment, or you become exhausted and can not go back, or you're having problems with health (malaise, pain, damage), catch the surf and wave the arms extended above the head crosswise. Do everything to get noticed by others. In Laguna Dahab several stations and everyone is watching the water, so if you suddenly notice someone one, be sure to see the rest. Do not leave, in any case, windsurf board. It will help you stay on the water. Protect the force. If you feel that you are the wind blows, and the aid is delayed, unbuckle the sail, lying on the board Row to shore, given the demolition of the wind. 
  11. Know and obey traffic rules on the water. In Dahab bay weight windsurfers from beginners to masters, knowledge of and compliance with traffic regulations will protect you from injury. Be careful and try to evaluate and simulate the situation in order to avoid a collision. 

It's no secret that for each sport is preferable or that style and type of clothing. And windsurfing requires stress requires specific equipment. 

Firstly, shorts. Color and lettering are not important, but will play an important role in the self-affirmation. It is important that they were below the knee, and does not restrict movement at the hips had a flat surface. Explain length - not to scratch the legs of surfing, not bullied and are not pushed you know where. Enthusiasm is beauty in thong lifting sail for startshkot with the wind from the shore. Continue, no bulges, gum on the hips will help you to use the trapeze. Simply, there is no rubbing. 

Second T-shirt, preferably with long sleeves. These T-shirts are made of synthetic materials of two basic types. Thin, Lycra, protect you from the sun, it will be cool and pleasant in the wind. And thicker neoprene 0.5-1 mm, save you from hypothermia in the strong wind. And of course the color - it should be bright. This is for reasons of safety and aesthetics. 

In Egypt, with its bright sunshine, you will need sunglasses. Not worth it relates to this subject lightly. They must first be made of Traumatic material, i.e. plastic. They should not fall on your head, it can be done fixing the bow at the back neoprene tube. If you wear vision glasses, take care of the glasses for water sports in advance. 

Not interfere with your gloves. They will help you avoid rubbing and calluses in teaching windsurfing. Of course, look cooler with short (cropped) fingers, but with them you can hardly avoid blisters. At the top of the glove is usually neoprene, and the palm and fingers are made of soft waterproof leather. They are lighter and thinner gloves for diving. 

In Egypt, on the Red Sea, Dahab and not the exception, many corals and sea urchins. Defend against them will help us Long Cast shoes with soft rubber soles and uppers of 1-2 mm thin neoprene. They can be fastened to a plastic zipper or Velcro. They are also softer and lighter than for diving. 

And finally, wetsuits. They also come in for scuba diving and windsurfing. Wetsuits can be thin and thick, full and twin, dry and wet (or dry neoprene inside pass water and retains heat). The main thing is that it was the best of skinny and did not restrict circulation. I can reassure you, hydra windsurfing in Dahab need a few months. 

Yes, another important element. Hat, bandana better, is designed to protect you from the sun. Requirements: must not fly with head and sink. For reasons of safety it is better, of course use the helmet. 

All you now ready to conquer the sea. Best of luck. And waiting for you in DahabExtremeClub. 

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