So my friends, kitesurfing is a combination of an old sport and extremely popular tradition of surfing (which is well known to all) with an interesting and ancient art of kiting that led to the appearance of this new and tricky sport entertainment. Kitesurfing is the most breathtaking sport, suiting many people's tastes in the current decade. This surfing, more specifically - kitesurfing, is also a relatively new sport, and it has a potential to become a mass sport. The sport in question is easy to be learnt; and to get a real positive sensation you will not necessarily need too much wind. This sport is somewhat close to windsurfing, and to wakeboarding as to surfing, but anyway, kitesurfing unites many sports disciplines! Kitesurfing never fails to amaze us. All the time… This sport is like an unfinished book. You wake up in the morning with a need to take the surf to the sea and get a sensation of something exceptional, new, and amazing… Kitesurfing is a very impressive sport. Keep your eye out for how many onlookers are attracted by kitesurfing. And if you wish to go in for this sport – you cannot but win!




Basic course 6 hours (3-4 windy days



Advance course 9 hours



Session with instructor 1 hour



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