Obviously many of you know what “surfing” is. Surfing is a surface water sport in which the participant, referred to as a "surfer", rides a surfboard on the forward face of a wave, which is most often carrying the surfer towards shore. This sport is very popular on the coastlines of Hawaii and California – where the ocean swell waves that may have been generated hundreds of miles away are getting stronger. But what shall we do if there are no such waves?!   

And what a surprise! In 1960, two Canadians Jim Drake and Fred Payne were the first to solve many problems of getting the board to sail. But only in 1967, J. Drake and H. Schweitzer put the idea into practice when they made the equipment for the new sport called ‘windsurfing’. Any water surface is good for the windsurfing - the only thing you need is wind.

Windsurfing at the DahabExtremeClub  

Dahab has been attracting hundreds of people to practice windsurfing for many years. The Dahab Lagoon provides us with an opportunity to go in for this sport all year round. Sustained and moderately strong winds are good both for beginners and for experienced surfers. The spit protects the lagoon against the wind enabling to quickly obtain the windsurfing skills. The experienced surfers may enjoy surfing behind the spit where the wind is steadier and stronger. The absence of the waves enables to develop a high speed and perform different tricks. This is the so-called Speed Zone. A little further behind it right over the submerged coral head, the waves and the winds get their full strength. It goes without saying that this place is called the Wave Zone. Those who enjoy jumping and surfing seek to go there. Our surf station is located in the center of the lagoon. When you arrive in Dahab for the first time, you will undoubtedly wish to ride a surfboard. The sight of surfers carving up the waves will not leave anyone indifferent. We can offer you equipment, and the experienced instructors will help make you first steps pleasant and quick. Individual and group classes are also possible. After you obtain first surfing skills and basic knowledge and abilities, you will be able to take the surf to the sea independently using our equipment. The advanced surfers may be offered to pass a course of improving most difficult elements of surfing, turning and jumping. The station staff ensures your safety continuously. A ‘combat ready’ motorboat is berthed nearby that will be ready to help you in an emergency at any minute: in which case, you just have to seat on the surfboard and set the signal (waving your hands above your head).   

We have received new equipment this year. Fanatic Boards 2012, new sails, sail booms and masts from the leading sports equipment manufacturers. In order to reserve a board needed to you, please let us know beforehand (e.g. via e-mail) and the surfboard will be waiting for you.

After surfing you will be able to have a comfortable accommodation and relax at the surf station. You will be offered convenient carpets lying on which you may wish to continue training by watching a recorded film on the TV, or just  to communicate with your friend or your family via Skype (Wi-Fi is available). We also have an air-conditioned playing room for kids, equipped with a TV set and different gaming facilities so that you children will not be missing you while you are surfing. In addition, a babysitter will take care of you kids.

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